• China’s four snooker events may be postponed to 2021

    Hanoi Express 5 kết quảThe World Snooker Tour (WST) issued a statement, fully accepting the instructions of the State Sports General Administration of China on the “Sc…

    Industry information 2020年7月15日
  • Maguire: Snooker is my life

    Taiwan fans’ deep impression of Maguire may come from the following two things. The first is the magical goal scored by Robertson in the Masters…

    Industry information 2020年7月10日
  • Snooker Tour Championship semi-finals produce three seats, Yan Bingtao regrets to stop

    Hanoi Express 5 kết quảThe 2020 Snooker Tour Championship has ended three first round competitions. In the early morning of the 23rd Beijing time, in a game that attracted t…

    Event news 2020年6月23日
  • Special Contribution to Star Gifts-Ten Years of Snooker Shanghai Masters

    On the evening of September 18th, the 2016 Snooker Shanghai Masters officially kicked off. This is also the tenth consecutive year of the Snooker Shanghai Masters. Over the past ten years, the successful hosting of the Shanghai Masters has won high praise from the industry. During this period, Xingpai guaranteed the success of the event with its excellent game tables and event services. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Gan Liantong, vice chairman of the Chinese Billiards Association and vice chairman of Beijing Xingpai Group, accompanied the leaders of the Small Ball Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration and the Shanghai Sports Bureau for ten consecutive years

    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • The final battle of Snooker European Masters Qualification 2019, starting tonight


    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • Did O’Sullivan participate in the Snooker Single Limited Time Tournament?

    Hanoi Express 5 kết quả2019賽季斯诺克台球单局限性时赛于中国北京时间25日零晨在英格兰队的沃特福德斗兽场结束所有角逐。最后一个欧冠赛,比赛由1/16总决赛一路战至总决赛,中国军团最好战况由晋升8强的李行造就,而总冠军最后属于菲律宾球王塔猜亚。以解說真实身份现身比赛场的

    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • O’Sullivan leaves the Snooker Masters willfully: do not want to play this year


    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • What is the fourth snooker contest? China’s four races have the potential to top

    Xingpai pool table. Golf and tennis matches often have “four grand slams”, while billiards can only have “three matches” so fa…

    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • Karamay Star Billiards Club Fron Cup” Snooker Handicap Competition Rules

    Celebrating the New Year, in order to enhance the mutual exchanges between billiards fans and improve the overall level of billiards in the region, sp…

    Event news 2020年6月1日
  • Wafi withdrew from the snooker event, the media said he was robbed at the airport_snooker_snooker


    Event news 2020年6月1日

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