About the website revision and upgrade notice

Dear website users:


In order to bring you a better experience and service, our company will upgrade and maintain the official website of Xingpai pool table in the near future. In the initial stage of the upgrade, the sections, pictures, pages, etc. of the official website may be inaccessible, report errors, etc.; please don’t worry, if you have any questions, please contact us for details!

Hanoi Express 5 kết quảSorry for the inconvenience caused by the above!

[New version update description]

1. The whole page is updated to optimize the user experience

Hanoi Express 5 kết quả2. Optimize product supply, and some products are available to users at lower prices

3. Adapt to various platforms to optimize user experience

4. Optimized the website message channel

[Data migration instructions]

1. The user information of the original official website is retained, and old users can log in directly with their mobile phone numbers

2. Member login and account information remain unchanged, and historical order data is cleared

Xingpai billiards is more exciting because of you. We will continue to be customer-centric and continuously improve user experience and service. Thank you for your support and trust! If you have any questions, please contact online customer service or call customer service hotline 400-626-8866 !

Special announcement!

Hanoi Express 5 kết quảBrand Operation Center Team

August 2020

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